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Over 850 days of sleep, mood, and location data in charts. (⚠️ For data & sleep nerds only!)

Data analysis of over 13k responses to the Value of Time Calculator.

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Cook dinner myself for cheap, or order a takeaway?

Spend an hour cleaning the apartment myself, or pay for a cleaner, and use that hour to read a book? How much would I need to get paid to spend a Saturday on a work project?

Vectorization and linear regression to predict engagement rate.

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Analysis and visualisation of 850 days of work, learn, and sleep data. Which location makes me more productive?

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Data Analysis, Stats & Visualisation of 13k+ responses to the Value of Time Calculator

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📈 Aspiring data scientist. Rationality fan. EA. Condensing a stream of thoughts into #100words a day. Need an accountability coach? 🔥

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